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Lake County Marital Property Lawyers

During a divorce, division of property is often characterized as contentious, stressful, and combative. At Efron & Efron, we view it differently. Instead, we try to make the marital property division process go as smoothly as possible. We value our clients tremendously and while we will seek their fair share, we also want them to be able to move on quickly with the next chapter in their lives.

The law firm of Efron & Efron is committed to divorce representation with individualized attention to our clients' situations. We recognize that an in-depth understanding of Indiana divorce statutes and case law is important in effectively representing clients in all divorce matters. Contact our Hammond property division attorneys to discuss your divorce case.

Knowledgeable Indiana Asset Division Lawyers

Under Indiana statutes, marital assets are presumed to be divided equally between parties unless the parties negotiate otherwise or the court determines that such a decision is inequitable. Anything considered marital property is part of this division. That is why you need our knowledgeable Hammond property division attorneys to represent you and advocate for your fair share.

Marital property division encompasses both assets and debts/liabilities. It is important to understand that it may not matter whose "name" is on the asset or liability. Factors considered during property division include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Education of either party
  • Working/income capabilities
  • Disability of a spouse/child

The division of retirement accounts can be particularly complicated. Having one of our attorneys represent you can be beneficial in that they will explain the process of dividing pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and any other retirement plans. A spouse may be entitled to a portion of a pension, but it could be delayed until the other spouse receives it. This may necessitate a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) to divide retirement assets. We can provide assistance with such an order.

Contact Our Indiana Property Division Attorneys

If you are involved in a divorce or considering divorce, contact our Griffith marital property lawyers at Efron & Efron. Our lawyers can be reached by phone at [219] 931-5380 or by e-mail

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