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The lawyers at Efron & Efron, in Hammond, Indiana, have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of Indiana real estate law including mechanic's liens, mortgage and lien foreclosure, sheriff sales, tax sales, and leases evictions. We recognize that commercial real estate and residential real estate matters are often complex. Our firm is committed to helping our clients deal with a full range of real estate issues.

Mechanic's Liens

In a business context, contractors who do work on real property have a process called a "mechanic's lien" that they can use to make sure that they get paid. This is a statutory lien that contractors, laborers, and materialmen place on property when they've performed work or furnished materials in the erection or repair of a building or an improvement. They must generally give advance notice that they are going to file the lien, and must then take action to enforce the lien within strict timelines if they aren't paid. According to Indiana law, a Notice of Lien Rights must be filed as a necessary pre-condition to asserting a Mechanic’s Lien in most circumstances involving liens upon homes. In addition to serving the Notice of Lien Rights upon the property owner, Indiana law requires that the notice be filed with the County Recorder within the following time frames:

Thirty (30) days if the material labor or machinery applies to the alternation or repair of an owner occupied home or;

Sixty (60) days in the event that the material labor or machinery is related to new home construction.

Ultimately a mechanic's lien could be used to foreclose on property, so it can be a very powerful tool for a contractor, a laborer, or a materialman.

Mortgage and Lien Foreclosure

Unfortunately, not all promissory notes secured by mortgages are paid in accordance with the terms accepted by the borrower. In such instances, it is essential that the holder of the mortgage act promptly and in accordance with statutory law to obtain the protections provided by the mortgage. The attorneys at Efron & Efron have represented financial institutions and individuals in foreclosure proceedings. Additionally, the firm's attorneys have a long history of acting as local counsel for attorneys outside of Northwest Indiana in foreclosure and related proceedings, such as bankruptcy proceedings and sheriff sales.

Sheriff Sales

On the first Friday of virtually every month, you can find one of the attorneys of Efron & Efron at the Lake County Sheriff's Sale. The Sheriff's Sale is the culmination of the mortgage foreclosure procedure. We represent financial institutions at the sale, often as local counsel for out of the area attorneys. We also guide investors and individual purchasers through this process.

Tax Sales

If you have purchased a tax sale certificate at a real estate tax sale, we stand ready to help you send the notices required by Indiana law. Because strict deadlines apply, it is essential that these required notices be timely filed in the proper manner. If, after the notices are sent, the property still has not been redeemed, we will file the required petition and notice to obtain a tax deed to the property.


The attorneys of Efron & Efron have collectively drafted thousands of leases for countless circumstances, whether the lease be commercial or residential. We will be happy to sit down with you to determine how to best protect your investment, while maximizing your investment return on your property. In the event that the terms of the lease are broken or not honored, our attorneys stand ready to assist you in reclaiming your property as quickly as Indiana law will permit. Provided the proper notices have first been sent, in many cases we will be able to restore your property to you within two weeks.

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If you have any questions about mechanic's liens, mortgage and lien foreclosure, sheriff sales, tax sales, or leases evictions, please contact the Indiana real estate lawyers at Efron & Efron. Our attorneys can be reached by phone at [219] 931-5380, by e-mail, or by filling out the intake form on our Contact Us page.

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