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Indiana Debt Collections Attorneys

Businesses simply cannot afford to give up hard earned income. Debt collection strategy is absolutely critical to your business plan and your finances. At Efron & Efron, in Hammond, Indiana, we are aggressive in handling debt collection matters for clients.

Aggressive Indiana Debt Collection lawyers

It is our belief that effective collection of delinquent accounts requires full implementation of legal processes, including litigation. Whereas other collection firms place emphasis upon direct contact with debtors through telephone calls and letter campaigns, our Indiana debt collection attorneys focus their collection activities on getting results. Over the years, we have learned that the best results come within the framework of the legal system.

Because we produce results, several of our clients have been with us for over twenty years. Our firm have the resources needed to diligently pursue fee recovery on our clients' delinquent accounts. Our attorneys recognize that generating legal documents and constant oversight is the key to successful collection. Therefore, we assign account files to our Collection Department, which is comprised of a staff whose sole responsibility is to collect past due accounts.

At Efron & Efron, we are persistent. While the old axiom "you can't draw blood from a turnip" is certainly true, our experience has taught us that circumstances change. Since judgments continue to bear interest, our clients are often surprised to learn the value of their "investment". We have collected on many debts viewed as "lost causes." We regularly receive telephone calls from Title Company agents across the United States seeking to remove judgment liens obtained many years earlier.

  • Collection fees
    Most clients prefer that we work on a contingent fee basis; although we will work on an hourly fee basis upon request. The contingent fee is due only when and if your debt is collected. The contingency rate is typically thirty three and one third percent (33 1/3%) of funds collected; although the rate may be adjusted depending on the number of accounts you have placed with us, the dollar amount, and whether the account has been previously placed with a collection agency. The creditor must advance the court costs until collection is accomplished. If court costs are incurred, such costs are typically added to the debtor's obligation.
  • Recovery of Collection Fees & Costs
    Where attorney fees are recoverable (because the debt agreement or a state statute creates the obligation), we will seek to hold the debtor responsible for those fees. Providing for attorney fees in your agreements can produce a dramatic difference in the bottom line. We will gladly review your credit policies, documents, and your accounts receivable procedures. We can recommend efficient collection procedures, and remain "on call" to assist you with your own collection activity.
  • Nationwide Network
    As a member of The National List of Attorneys and Wright Holmes Law List, we receive accounts from creditors located throughout the country. Participation in these networks also permits us to place accounts throughout the country, if needed.

Contact our Indiana Debt Collection Attorneys

If you have any questions about debt collection of fee recovery, please contact the Indiana debt collection lawyers at Efron & Efron. Our attorneys can be reached by phone at [219] 931-5380, by e-mail, or by filling out the intake form on our Contact Us page.

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